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Capital Tracking

Capital Tracking Best Practices

When We Remodel Existing Stores, Or Construct New Stores, The Company Expects To Receive A Return On Their Investment Of Those Capital Funds, Called An Internal Rate Of Return Or IRR.

This IRR Is Usually Expected To Be Around 27.5%, But Can Vary From 22.5% To Over 30%.

To Measure The Success Of A Project, We Track Both Sales And Profit, With A Focus On Gross Profit And Employee Cost In Both Year 1 And Year 3.

Once A Store Completes Their Remodel, Or Grand Opens, There Is A "Pre-Audit" Period Of 5 Periods (Although This Can Vary In Specific Cases).

After The Initial 5 Periods Post-Remodel, The Store Goes Into Year 1 Tracking.

The 5 Period Audit Time Is The Most Critical Time To Make Sure The Store Is Following All Best Practices, And Capturing As Many Sales And Income Dollars As Possible.

Income Performance Is Especially Critical During This Time Frame. The Stores Can Benefit From Using The Should Be/Could Be Report To Help Focus Performance On Areas Within Their Control.

Year 3 Capital Tracking

After A Store Completes Construction They Go Into A 5 Period "PreAudit" Tracking, Then The 5 Period Audit Time, Then A 5 Period "Post-Audit" Time. 16 Periods After That The Store Enters Year 3 Tracking. The Measurements Are The Same As The Year 1 Tracking - Sales And Profit, But Against The Year 3 Goals.

Year 1 & 3Capital Tracking Best Practices

The Same Best Practices Apply To The Year 3 As The Year 1 Tracking - Focus On The Items You Can Improve To Drive Profitability

  • Wages - Overtime Control, New Hire Utilization, Meeting And/Or Exceeding OR
  • Shrink - Perishable
  • Supplies - Order Minimally During The Tracking Period
  • Repairs - Only As Necessary, Fix What You Can Yourself
  • Cash Over/Short
  • Worker's Compensation / PLPD
  • Indirect/Training Wages

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