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District Cash Specialists Duties

  • DCS will be JFC's or Head clerks that work 40 hours per week. Hours will be allocated as Direct hours to all stores in their district (i.e. 2 hours per store)
  • DCS will pull Lawson reports each Monday. Each week based on Weekly reports they will determine along with the DM's which stores need the attention.
  • When visiting these stores, hours will be deducted from the total district hours and charged to the store visited. Hours will be forwarded to the District Admin. weekly.
  • DCS will submit a weekly recap of their findings to DM, LP Cash Specialists, LP Investigators
  • DCS will train all new bookkeepers. 8 hours will be charged to Training when training new bookkeepers
  • DCS will be set up with personal email accounts
  • DCS will work directly with LP Cash Specialists on any shortage that cannot be explained.
  • Loss Prevention Cash Specialists Duties (Gloria Bonjean and Lori Adragna)
  • LPCS will focus on the bottom 30 cash stores, leaving the DCS to monitor the remaining stores.
  • LPCS will provide oversight, training, and support to the DCS as needed
  • LPCS will be the next point of contact for any issue relating to district cash
  • LPCS will participate in a weekly conference call with the DCS, Finance, and LP Manager
  • LPCS will serve as a liaison between the DCS and the LPI on Cash Shortages that are deemed to be theft related
    Loss Prevention Investigator
  • LPI will work with DCS and LPCS on shortages that are deemed related to theft
  • LPI will be primary handler of theft investigations (i.e., interviews of suspects)


  • Run FSM reports on a daily basis forward to DCS LPCS, DM, LPI, and ROM,
  • Send separate email daily for stores reflecting that have not closed FSM or are reflecting +/- $100 variance
  • Forward Weekly cash results including Lawson Adjustment to DM, DCS, LPCS, LPI, ROM, CFO, and Div. Pres.

Store Managers' Role

  • Store Managers are strongly encouraged to schedule 4 uninterrupted hours for bookkeepers to balance and reconcile books
  • Staff the booth with GM clerks. This will save on OR and give the bookkeeper the time needed to get the job done
  • A GM clerk must be scheduled to staff Customer Service (depending on the time it opens), to handle payroll, hand out paychecks etc. while the bookkeeper balances the books
  • Review FSM at a minimum on a weekly basis and have bookkeeper explain shortages.
  • Review reports daily and weekly

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