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Commercial Bakery Best Practices

  • Pull distress using the color coded card (no distress on Sunday and Tuesday) check bread delivery with invoice
  • Contact bread plant/merchandiser for any shortages
  • Work backstock to the bread wall using color coded card for proper rotation
  • If vendors are off, work vendor's backstock
  • Separate stacks by categories breakfast, lunch and dinner when working the bread (make it a lot easier)
  • Work deli lip (follow schematic posted on the rack)
  • Work International section
  • Print Copy of current Order, Inventory Prior to Ordering with printed copy
  • Check for signage on bread wall, med tables and deli lip
  • Place order by 12 noon
  • Know your current and upcoming Ad items
  • Know your med table schematic
  • Make proper adjustments by signing on 5 times a week ( no orders on Saturday and Tuesday)
  • If still not able to get on order contact the Help Desk
    Print final Adjustments and place in order binder for reference
  • Print previous weekly history and place in a binder for reference , Thursday only)
  • Face and Work Bread wall between 3 and 4pm with backstock (don't forget to do vendor's bread)
  • Schedule a bread clerk that will work the bread wall in the afternoon on the bakery schedule
  • Be cognizant about your bread sell through to attain the goal of 85%

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