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Produce COOL Best Practices
Sign Information

  • In the Produce department, when stocking or restocking any product from multiple countries, in a single display, please ensure that the sign reflects all countries available in the display
  • Multiple or co-mingled countries is ok if correct & displayed with at least one country on display
  • Walk entire department for missing tags daily
    Verify signs and Tags against actual cases throughout the day
  • Verify COOL information on price sign reports when requesting new signs and tags from your FM

I Invoice Filing and COOL records

  • Locating the file cabinet for COOL documents in your store
  • Make sure the files are neat and orderly
  • Files should be chronologically ( By date)
  • COOL documents must be available during normal business hours to support responses to government inquires or audits
  • Must Keep Files until merchandiser notifies Pdm to dispose
  • All items should be filed by period Warehouse invoices -DSD invoices-Order and Inventory guides

Interim Corrections

  • Hand written interim sign corrections are ok if no one is available or capable of making them after hours •
  • However hand written signs must be replaced with printed signs by 9:00 a.m. daily
  • Post all COOL signage problems to the portal


  • Hand written corrections should be in evidence (mainly warehouse invoices)

Backroom & Cooler

  • Date the load every day ( No Exceptions)

Order Book

  • Take an accurate Inventory of Backroom before writing order ( No Exceptions )

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