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Best Practices for Food Safety and Consumer Protection

Food Safety

  • Focus on the elimination of food safety Criticals
  • Always review your latest Health Department and Everclean inspection with your Assistant Managers and Department Managers
  • Monitor and focus on the most common Criticals in each department:
    • Deli: Holding Temperatures, Cleaning, Proper Storage, Hand Sinks
    • Bakery: Cleaning, Proper Storage, Holding Temperatures, Hand Sinks
    • Meat: Cleaning, Hand Sinks, Holding Temperatures
    • Produce: Holding Temperatures, Hand Sinks, Cleaning
    • Backroom: Proper Storage, Drinks, Bathroom Hand Sinks
  • Provide Corrective Action for all food safety Criticals
  • Complete Corrective Action Reports (CAP) for all
  • Everclean Criticals

Pricing Accuracy

  • All expired Club Card signs, tags and dual labels MUST be removed by 7am
  • 500 scans must be reported online every week by noon on Thursday
  • Tare Logs must be completed each day

Infant Formula

  • Inspect Infant Formula section once a month and pull close dated product (within 90 days)
  • Store pulled product in a secure location so it cannot be restocked
  • Make sure product is rotated, FIFI (First In, First Out)
  • Make sure night stockers are checking for, and pulling, close dated product
  • Educate Customer Service and courtesy clerks to be mindful of expired infant formula
    Regulatory Reporting
  • All regulatory visits (health dept., weights and measures, etc.) must be reported online, and inspection reports must be faxed in to Food Safety Dept.
  • Report ALL visits, including complaints, recalls, construction, routine, follow ups, etc. in a timely manner
  • All violations must be corrected, and corrective action must be documented on the online web form

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