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Manual Tag Suppression

  • In keeping with our goal for reducing labels counts and labor cost for 2009, we are recommending all stores follow Best Practice guidelines for Manual Suppression of tags for items not carried. There is significant opportunity, in all divisions, for reducing the amount of tags that are printed at store level with this program. In a sample group of stores, there was a reduction of 270 tags per week on average.

  • We will implement this program in all divisions starting with Weeks #4 and #5. Located on Portal under this IOC link found in the spotlight section, please find a Best Practice documentation explaining how to successfully manually suppress tags for items not carried. This is an area where the FMC's have the greatest opportunity to reduce tag counts for their stores. We also provided the basic steps on how to unsuppress" an item, should it be reinstated in their store. Please note that by simply zeroing out the tags in the ranges does not count as manual suppression. Stores must follow these Best Practices when manually suppressing tags.

  • We will monitor all Divisions in Week #6 for compliance and we will follow up with the Division Pricing Representative and Retail Ops regarding any stores that are not following the Best Practice guidelines and missing this opportunity to cut cost and unnecessary work.

  • Once stores get their Manual Suppression numbers up to an acceptable range, it will be much easier for them to maintain their acceptable numbers through weekly "suppressing" of unnecessary tags. This will also save time on transmission days when excessive time is spent looking for items that don't exist. Thank you for your usual fine support!

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