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New Store

New Store Opening Best Practices

Training / Human Resources

  • Assistant Manager accountable for all time and attendance , employee set-up and training set up.
  • Hold new store opening on the Tuesday or Wednesday prior to the actual opening. The District Mgr, Store Mgr and support team use this meeting as their opportunity to set expectations with the crew.
  • Alert I.E. to any potential issues with Work Brain due to new data input . Have I.E. representative available to assist as needed
  • Store Mgr to be involved in hiring and interview process

Teamwork in Communication

  • Utilize New Store Opening Manual
  • Communicate Goals / Targets prior to the opening ( i.e. sales , labor, best ball , out of stocks , and service targets)
  • Store Mgr to meet on a daily basis with Safeway Project Manager to assist in the resolution of any construction issues leading up to the Grand Opening of the store .
  • Hold Daily meetings with management team and construction starting two weeks prior to the opening .
  • District Manager, Store Manager, Department Manager team should meet each week with the Project Manager and walk the store discussing any "punch List" items and their expected completion. The "punch list" should be complete no later than the day of the opening .
  • Store Manager and Asst. mgrs should hold huddles with the crew to keep the team informed of any pending issues and to continually "pump up" the excitement for the opening and the expectations for service focus .

Cost Control Supervision

  • Field Merchandisers should utilize the standardized smallwares list ( dept / store set up supplies ) only. All orders are to be pre-approved by the MDO and the Lifestyle Director .
  • Safety Chairperson should work with the District Safety Coordinator to order all safety supplies , set up the store with the appropriate postings and should assist in coordinating the safety training for store employees .
  • District Supply Champion and DRS are responsible for controlling all store supply orders .
  • DSS and ICC are responsible for receiving and distributing all smallware orders to the departments as they are billed ( one dept cannot take equipment billed to another dept)
  • ICC responsible for monitoring the orders of all direct vendors and CPS orders
  • Office supplies will be ordered by the Division Pricing Coordinator in advance of the opening .

Store Stocking Practices

  • First Asst. Mgr. is responsible for planning and executing the marketing program for the MEDS , CMTs, three tier baskets , Shadowboxes , and all laydown areas .
  • Maximize vendor support for store set up and fill
  • Utilize "A side" / "B" side method of stocking shelves
  • Utilize courtesy clerks to assist with card board clean up and store maintenance
  • Utilize two ICCs to organize freight as product goes to the backroom
  • The backroom must be set to TBOP , prior to the first delivery of freight , all categories must have a location on the plan .
  • Make sure that "dunnage" racks are in place in the backroom
  • Goal for the opening is ZERO out of stocks wall to wall

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