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New Store

New Store Opening Best Practices

Labor Standards to Minimize Costs

  • Follow New Store schedules by volume for front end , grocery and departments ( see New Store Opening Manual)
  • Store Manager should prepare three weeks of schedules prior to the opening of the store
  • Accurate projections are essential
    Proper training and utilization of Work Brain
  • Manager to oversee all department schedules / signoff on sales projections and hours used
  • Store will be placed on Division "Star" program five weeks after the opening
  • Store Manager must monitor overtime use before and after the store opening / Overtime must be kept to a minimum (3 bp)

Marketing and Advertising Support

  • Store Manager will receive the advertising plan for the store four weeks before the grand opening date.
  • Store Manager to plan for execution of the "breakfast ad" , the "12 hour" sale , the "Taste of Safeway" sales events , as well all other Division promotional programs occurring during the opening
  • All department Marketing Programs are required to be 100% supported
  • Seasonal , Affinity merchandising and weekly ad support is required
  • The Division Lifestyle team will assist in setting up the store the two weeks prior to the grand opening
  • Additional copies of the ads , and store directories will arrive at the store the week of the opening
  • The "giveaway" item will be sent directly to the store the week of the opening ( currently gift cards)

Measuring and Tracking

  • District Best Ball Champs to review recap of costs
  • District Manager meets with team and reviews previously stated goals and target expectations on a weekly basis for the first four weeks
  • District Manager breaks out costs pre-opening for Senior Mgmt review ( cut off by opening date , not period )
  • Construction Director to track construction costs , i.e. request to alter, additional equipment needs , Corporate changes etc
  • Period review of operation initiatives ( i.e. Checkstand lines , Out of Stocks, MEDs compliance , Service , Sales Initiatives , Taste of Safeway execution etc).

Organization / Planning

  • Store Managers office should be completed four weeks prior to the store opening / Mgr should be assigned six weeks prior to the opening to assist in hiring and interview process for the store
  • ICC Office should be completed four weeks prior to the opening . Backroom must be complete three weeks prior to the opening with dunnage racks in place prior to the first shipment of freight
  • All dept coolers and backrooms should be cleaned , with storage equipment ( stainless steel racks , dunnage racks etc ) in place prior to freight shipping
  • File Maintenance office should be complete four weeks prior to opening . All supplies should be shipped in the third week , and organized in FM office prior to product shipping
  • CRITICAL : The "T1" line must be in and "hot" prior to stocking the store
  • Telephone lines to the store must be operational three weeks out from the opening .
  • Store planning meeting takes place four weeks before the opening . This meeting is intended to give the newly assigned Store Manager an opportunity to discuss concerns with the entire backstage support staff . All MDOs , FMs , District support staff , Directors , DM, ROM and the assigned Store Mgr must attend this planning meeting.

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