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  • Only the primary ICC or the back up should assemble the PRC returns.
  • Use the handheld PRC application to verify product eligibility and to generate reports
  • ICC should re-examine boxes when labeling
  • ICC is responsible to File copies of all PRC reports after reviewing.
  • Report any PRC credit issues to Division BDR Coordinator
  • Box the Outdated product separately attaching the orange Product Recovery / Outdated Merchandise label to this box. The ICC is responsible for creating a place to hold the spoils until you can return them to the PRC.
    Use only banana boxes on a six block that is six layers high.
  • Do not return seasonal candy, product without a UPC, pharmacy items, books, magazines, or pool chlorine.
  • By the order of the Health Department, you must pack separately products which contaminate such as bleach, soap, ammonia, and anything caustic.
  • The pallet should be wrapped with shrink-wrap.
  • The below label needs to be placed on each banana box returned to the PRC.
  • The label must be placed on every banana box returned to the PRC on the outside portion of the box bottom.
  • Please verify from the label that the first 5 digits are your store number. If not please contact Industrial
  • Engineering immediately.
  • DO NOT use any label from another store.

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