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Safety Best Practices

Safety must become integrated with each process and become part of each store's culture. As a store manager, you must become involved and oversee the safety management process in your store. Each store must have a zero tolerance for unsafe work practices. Below are safety best practices that will assist your store:

  • Develop a Culture of Safety
    • Hold all employees responsible and accountable for safety
    • Consistently manage the safety program
    • Lead by example
    • Utilize positive reinforcement as well as corrective action as needed
  • Select, support and mentor an effective safety chairperson and an effective safety committee
    • Conduct scheduled, effective safety committee meetings twice per month
    • Ensure all monthly inspections are completed
  • Focus on employee injury prevention, with an emphasis on preventing
    • Strains and sprains, lacerations and slip and falls
  • Ensure all new, transferred and upgraded employees are trained properly
    • Complete all new hire safety training documents
    • Follow-up with employees and test for understanding of safety work practices
    • 100% compliance with the monthly Safety Champion Program
  • Ensure effective Daily Safety Assessments (laps) are completed
  • Complete effective Safety Action Plans quarterly for each manager
  • Effectively communicate safety
    • Maintain current postings for Safety Champion and bulletin board
    • Include safety in all planning, huddles, communications, etc.
  • Manage all employee incidents
    • Contact your RMS immediately following each accident
    • Report all incidents timely to the Call Center
    • Investigate thoroughly all incidents - complete accident investigation
    • Ensure the Reasonable Suspicion Observation form is completed
      Manage the transitional return to work program
  • Prevent customer accidents with a focus on slip and fall prevention
    • Ensure 100% compliance with the sweep log program
    • Implement and utilize the Spill Caddy program for all spills
    • Timely report, investigate and submit evidence on all customer accidents
  • Ensure compliance with all aspects of the Environmental programs such as clean water compliance, proper grease disposal, universal waste, etc.

Utilize your support staff and contact Risk Management should you have any questions or need assistance.

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