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Salary Control Best Practices

Labor Plans

  • Salary Success Starts With An Accurate Labor Plan
    • Be Realistic In Your Forecast By Department By Day
    • Use All Tools Provided To You
    • Be Sure Your STAR Constant & Variables Are Correct In Your Labor Plan (And Updated Every Period)
    • Calculate A 5-Week Trend To Get Your Sales Average
    • Calculate A 5-Week Trend To Get Your Wage Rate Average
    • Review Your Reconciliation Report From Prior Week

Labor Planning Process

  • All Stores Must Have Their Labor Plan In Place By Tuesday At 12:OONoon Each week
  • At 12:OONoon, The Industrial Engineering Department Pulls These Reports From All Stores
  • It Is A Best Practice To Have Your Labor Plan In Place So That All Department Managers Know Their Budget For Schedule Writing Purposes

Planning & Organization

  • Update WFM Labor Drivers Every Period
  • Write Schedules To Mirror Budgets
    • The WFM Hours Must Not Exceed The Labor Plan Hours
  • Review Front End Schedules
    • Over's & Shorts Should Be Minimal
  • Look At Schedule Quality For All Activities
    • Schedule To Achieve Utilization Targets
    • Schedule To Achieve OT And Sunday Premium Targets
    • Monitor Your Budget Daily

Salary Control - Best Practices

  • Realistic/Conservative Sales Forecast by Department by Day
  • Create A Master Work Schedule
    • What, How Long, When ............. Who
    • Use WFM And Trust The Results
  • Communicate Daily Assignments And Expectations
  • Monitor Productivity and Train
  • Follow Through On The Posted Schedule
  • Update Budget Wage Rates On The Labor Using 5 Week Average
  • Schedule to Plan!

Salary Control - Best Practices

  • Schedule the hours given by STAR to a 103% Salary OR
  • Schedule hours in the right place (Utilization)
  • Control Overtime (2BP)
  • Control Sunday Premium
  • Code Employees Correctly
  • Control Indirect Costs

WFM Best Practices

  • Keep labor drivers and timetables updated each period
  • Keep Master Schedules in place for swapping weekly
  • Clean up new hire/terminated employees weekly
  • Keep employee qualifications updated
  • Use the calendar for employee requests
  • Use the schedule rules in System Options given by your division
  • Limit manual shifts on the Front End- maximize auto scheduling of Checkers and Courtesy Clerks
  • Review forecast every week
  • Follow the weekly flow
  • Maintain Master Schedules in WFM

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