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WFM Best Practices

  • Corporate Compliance Audits - WFM:
      • Ensure Day Stocker Is Being Scheduled
      • Verify The Store Is Scheduling Hours Consistent With Labor Plan
      • Ensure The Night Crew Is Properly Scheduled At Store Level
      • Verify That The Master Schedules Are Less Than 6 Months Old (Note: Must Have 1 Binder With A Copy Of Each Department's Master Schedule)
      • Verify That Master Schedules Have Been Input To WFM
      • Ensure Labor Drivers Are Properly Updated In WFM Each period
      • Ensure That Minor Employees Are Properly Entered Into WFM
      • Ensure A High Quality Schedule For Cashiers (Looking At Schedule Quality Report)
        Ensure A High Quality Schedule For Courtesy Clerks (Looking At Schedule Quality Report)

Follow the Standard Operating Procedures for processing payroll

  • All stores following the same process

Leverage standardized forms including:

  • Labor Metrics Adjustment Form
  • Schedule Variance Form
  • Request For Benefit Time Not Worked Form
  • Request For Scheduled Days Off Form
  • Employee Commitment Form

SOP Best Practices Timekeeper Processes- Daily

  • Run Exception Report for yesterday

Click on link to timesheet for each employee listed on report

  • Research exceptions
  • Validate the correct clocking's
  • Make appropriate changes to timesheet
  • Click `apply' and `submit' to save changes to timesheet

Check for exception cards
Make appropriate changes in Time & Attendance

SOP Best Practices Timekeeper Processes- Daily

  • Run Employee Signoff Report
  • Post Employee Signoff Report for employees to sign
  • Employee makes appropriate changes, if necessary, and signs approval on Employee Signoff Report
    • Note: Obtain all signed exception cards and Employee Signoff Report, validate, make corrections (if any) and place in the weekly payroll folder
  • Repeat the validation process until no exceptions appear on Time & Attendance report

SOP Best Practices Timekeeper Processes- Daily Make Labor Metrics Adjustments

  • In part, in order to validate correct use of employee time clock for labor metrics:
    • Use WFM schedule to record hours worked outside home labor metrics to the actual labor metrics on the Labor Metrics Adjustments form (all dept/job changes can be recorded weekly from the schedule and changed daily, as necessary)
  • Record any worked training hours for employees along with dept/job and indirect code, if necessary
  • Enter department changes and training hours on the appropriate employee's timesheet

Print daily Time & Attendance report

SOP Best Practices Timekeeper Processes- Daily

  • Complete employee attendance calendar from exception cards
  • File final Time & Attendance report in weekly payroll folder
  • Post Time & Attendance report by time clock for employees to verify tim

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